Mutton Biriyani Recipe from our Chef

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Mutton Masala and Basmati rice combined together into delicious Biryani…

When it comes to biryani, I always go with chicken. Bone-in chicken pieces like drumstick or leg-thigh pieces make excellent biryanis. I seldom make mutton or goat biryani as I am not a fan of mutton. I love Mutton but haven’t tried making biryani with it.

Last week, I had received an email from one my readers asking me to share the recipe for making Mutton biryani. I had been thinking of making Mutton biryani for so long, and now the email request inspired me to make up my mind to make Mutton biryani over the weekend.

Since Mutton has to be cooked for longer time, I made the Mutton masala in a pressure cooker. That kind of made the preparation process much easier. Basmati rice was cooked separately in a rice cooker and then combined with the Mutton masala. One of my favorite ingredients to add in biryani is fried onion, I make homemade fried onions and I say No to store bought ones as they don’t taste any good. Freshly fried onions enhance the flavor of the biryani greatly and it imparts a nice aroma too.

Now, it’s time to brag: This Mutton biryani tasted phenomenal, much better than chicken biryani or the Mutton restaurant biryanis . If you are looking for an incredibly tasty Mutton biryani, I will say you gotta try this recipe.

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